Destruction of Fort Titus

Saturday, August 16, 1856

Colonel Henry T. Titus being captured by Samuel Walker's men at Fort Titus. Courtesy of the Internet Archive.

Free-Staters led by Samuel Walker attack "Fort Titus," a fortified cabin owned by Colonel Henry T. Titus, nine miles west of Lawrence, near Lecompton. The attackers use the cannon "Old Sacramento" with cannon balls forged from the Herald of Freedom press, which had been destroyed in the Sacking of Lawrence two months prior. The attackers reportedly cry out, "This is the second edition of the Herald of Freedom." The destruction of Fort Titus, which is little more than a log home, finalizes the destruction of three proslavery strongholds in Douglas County, Kansas (after the two buildings of Franklin and Fort Saunders were destroyed in the previous four days). Lawrence Free-Staters capture hundreds of weapons, prisoners, and provisions in these attacks. 


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