Quantrill's Raid on Olathe

Sunday, September 7, 1862

William Clarke Quantrill's flag, found in Olathe following Quantrill's Raid. Courtesy of the Kansas Historical Society.

Missouri bushwhacker William Clarke Quantrill crosses the border and leads a raid on Olathe, Kansas. The 140 guerrillas enter town, blockade exit points, and march against 125 soldiers who stand in line in defense. Quantrill's Raiders use their horses as shields as they advance with pistols drawn, and all but one soldier surrenders. That one resister is shot, along with some number of civilians. After looting the town, Quantrill returns to Missouri with Lieutenant Colonel John T. Burris in pursuit. Over the ensuing weeks, Burris pursues Quantrill through Jackson, Cass, Johnson, and Lafayette Counties, recapturing weapons and supplies but failing to capture Quantrill. 


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