Price's Raid

Monday, September 19, 1864 to Friday, October 28, 1864

General Price, photographed by Daniel T. Cowell. Courtesy of the Smithsonian Institution.

Also known as Price’s "Missouri Expedition," Price’s Raid begins as General Sterling Price's army enters Missouri on September 19 and travels toward St. Louis. They eventually face off against General Thomas Ewing Jr.’s forces at Pilot Knob, Missouri. After winning the Battle of Pilot Knob (or Fort Davidson) after heavy losses, and encountering strong resistance in his maneuvers toward St. Louis and Jefferson City, Price moves toward western Missouri, hoping to capture Camp Union in Kansas City, Missouri and Fort Leavenworth, Kansas to establish Confederate supremacy of western Missouri and hopefully undermine President Lincoln's bid for reelection. Although Price’s forces are initially successful, Union troops ultimately overpower them at the Battle of Westport and force Price into Arkansas. This marks the end of the military battle for the border region, despite continued guerrilla warfare that threatens citizens on both sides of the border.


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