Battle of Wauhatchie

Wednesday, October 28, 1863 to Thursday, October 29, 1863

Major General Joseph Hooker, who commanded Union troops in the Battle of Wauhatchie. Courtesy of the Library of Congress.

The Battle of Wauhatchie, a part of the Chattanooga Campaign, ensues as Major General Ulysses S. Grant creates a new supply line (dubbed the "Cracker Line") from Chattanooga to Brown's Ferry, Tennessee in order to circumvent Confederate General Braxton Bragg's siege of the city. Bragg orders General James Longstreet to attack Union Brigadier General John W. Geary at Wauhatchie Station, a rail stop. The attack ensues at nightfall, making it one of the only Civil War battles to occur at night. Geary's own son is struck down in the battle and dies in his father's arms, but Geary and his troops nonetheless manage to rally to defend their position. The "Cracker Line" remains open, shoring up the Union position at Chattanooga and clearing the way for a Union counter-attack. 


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