From Unknown to Hamilton R. Gamble

Title: From Unknown to Hamilton R. Gamble
Description: This letter, dated August 2, 1862, is from an unknown writer in DeKalb, Missouri to Missouri Gov. Hamilton R. Gamble. The writer asks Gamble to replace Gen. B.F. Loan, claiming that Loan is disobeying Gamble's orders and plotting to appoint a military governor in Missouri. In a statement written on the reverse side, Gamble notes that he referred the letter to Lieut. Gov. Hall, and expresses doubt that Gen. Loan is guilty of "the insubordinate language imputed to him" by the anonymous writer.
Date original: August 2, 1862
Owning organization: Missouri History Museum
Document Type: letter
Publication Statement: Gamble Papers, B.10 f.2 June 1-Sept. 12, 1862
Organization location: For more information on using this image, contact the Missouri History Museum at: Lindell and DeBaliviere, P.O. Box 11940, St. Louis, MO 63112, Phone: (314)746-4441, E-mail: Publication, commercial use, or reproduction of this image or the accompanying data requires prior written permission from the the Missouri History Museum. Use of this image also requires that credit be given to the Missouri History Museum.
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