Mission and Vision Statements

Mission Statement

The Civil War on the Western Border website seeks to provide a pleasing and authoritative mechanism for its visitors to explore the themes, issues and facts of the Missouri-Kansas border conflict that spanned the years 1854 to 1865. This project is a collaborative effort among regional historical entities, the scholarly community and the Kansas City Public Library. By providing access to digitized primary source materials and original high quality scholarship in a highly engaging, technologically sophisticated digital platform, we aim to facilitate conversation, understanding and analysis by students, educators, historians, local residents and Civil War enthusiasts.


Vision Statement

The Civil War on the Western Border website operates with the following goals in mind:

  • Become an essential resource in the public’s understanding of regional history
  • Facilitate collaboration among regional historical organizations
  • Increase the visibility of participating organizations and promote public use of their holdings
  • Uncover new connections, stories and resources related to the Border War
  • Make professional historians’ latest discoveries and interpretations available to the general public
  • Identify additional external resources to encourage deeper research