Battle of Hickory Point

Title: Battle of Hickory Point
Creator: Samuel J. Reader
Description: Painting by Samuel J. Reader depicting the Battle of Hickory Point. On September 13, 1856, James H. Lane led a force of jayhawkers against Hickory Point, a proslavery settlement in Jefferson County, Kansas that had supported an attack against Grasshopper Falls. Lane soon understood that he lacked artillery to attack the log buildings, and he retreated. During the retreat, Missourians pursued Lane's forces and attacked, but the jayhawkers returned fire. After receiving word that Territorial Governor John Geary had ordered a ceasefire, Lane withdrew, but reinforcements from Lawrence under command of Colonel James A. Harvey arrived on September 14, toting the captured cannon "Old Sacramento," and fired on the town. One proslavery man was killed, four others wounded, and several Free-Staters were wounded before a ceasefire was called and the Missourians withdrew from the area. 100 Free-Staters were arrested by U.S. troops, but they were later acquitted for acting in self-defense.
Date original: ca. 1856-1914
Owning organization: Kansas State Historical Society
Document Type: image
Publication Statement:
Organization location: For more information on using this image, contact Kansas Memory at: State Archives, Topeka, 6425 SW 6th Avenue, Topeka KS 66615-1099, Phone: (785) 272-8681, E-mail: Publication, commercial use, or reproduction of this image or the accompanying data requires prior written permission from the Kansas State Historical Society. Use of this image also requires that credit be given to the Kansas State Historical Society.
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